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Self-Service Integration What?, Why? and How?

Jean-Jacques Camps, Président de l'AUFO signe l'éditorial du dernier numéro du magazine Oraworld.

Dear Oracle User Group Members, Information Systems is a “world” which seems to run like a pendulum between development on one hand and integration architecture on the other hand. The oldest of us remember the great old days of mainframes and development languages, then came the software packages ERPs. That was the time when our roles seemed to be integrators and maybe to develop a few (the less possible) custom extensions. Then it shifted again to the other side with the web wave by the beginning of this century. I feel that we are now back again to the other extreme, as we can see in this ORAWORLD edition and in other sources, the main words being SaaS (looks a bit like Software packages promises of before?), Autonomous DB and everything, low code (see the article about APEX), Architecture – part of it being “how do we integrate all that?” Does that ring a bell? What will be the next evolution triggering the movement: Digital transformation is the current buzzword, interconnection of organisations to improve for example supply chain, API, .. could be it. This always changing “world” is certainly why we love it so much, and this continuous change is one of the reasons we benefit from exchanging experiences and brainstorming together in our user groups. Keep being surprised, and agile! Jean-Jacques Camps

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