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Report PeopleSoft RH de Septembre

Le report PeopleSoft RH de septembre est disponible !

Upcoming Conferences:

  • CAB (Customer Advisory Board)October 18-20 ; Redwood Shore, CA.  Customers from all over the world come to Oracle Headquarters for 3 days to provide feedback and strategic direction for PeopleSoft HCM.  By invitation only.
  • Alliance Down Under – November 9-11; Gold Coast, Australia
  • Alliance (Higher Education/Public Sector) – February 27–March 3; Las Vegas, NV.  Call for presentation ends Friday, October 7!
  • COLLABORATE – April 2-6; Las Vegas, NV.  Call for presentation ends Friday, October 7!


September Conferences:

Oracle Open World (San Francisco, CA) – See pics below.  At OOW, I  presented the HR Core Roadmap session “Power of PeopleSoft HR” and attended Meet the Experts.  During the conference I was able to ‘recruit’ more customers for our HR Community, please welcome Alameda County Transit, City of Indianapolis, U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services (FDA), Government of Canada, Hackensack University Medical Center, J. Paul Getty Trust, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, New York Health & Hospitals Corp, State of California -Housing & Community Development, United Health Group, University of Hawaii and Vale!  A special thanks to our customers/Partners – Ataway, Alameda County, BNB, CGI, Clackamas County, Consum, Deutsche Bahn, General Motors, Griffith University, LDS Church, Presence of IT, Quest International, Sandia Labs, Sonoma State University, SpearsMC and Wells Fargo for sharing their free time to meet with me.


At OOW the big themes I saw customers discussing were:

  • Is “PeopleSoft is dead?” – several customers asked me if “PeopleSoft was dead” because that is what some ‘Oracle Sales Reps’ have been telling them.  I promise you PeopleSoft is NOT ‘dead’ but the opposite.  PeopleSoft HCM is the most widely used HCM application in the world and we continue to get new customers every year and Oracle continues to invest in the PeopleSoft HCM (we are very profitable for Oracle).   You can always contact a member of the strategy team regarding HCM features, if don’t know who – then contact me and I will forward your inquiry on.
  • PeopleTools 8.55 – Many customers said they have upgraded to PTools 8.55 and have rolled out Simplified Analytics (which their managers really like).
  • Fluid – Many customers are very interested in Fluid, this was the next big project customers are working on.  I would estimate about 10% customers are live with Fluid now (users love it) and I have a lot of customers implementing Fluid in 2017.


Customer Corner – I want to highlight the great accomplishments our 9.2 HR Focus Group customers have done in the monthJ.  If your organization has done something great (upgraded, deployed fluid/new functionality) please let me know so you can get your well deserved recognition.

  • Congratulations to Stanford University for upgrading to 9.2
  • Congratulations to Papa John’s Pizza for upgrading to 9.2
  • Congratulations to Oklahoma Heart Hospital for upgrading to 9.2 and PTools 8.55
  • Congratulations to Houston Methodist for deploying Fluid
  • Congratulations to Deutsche Bahn for upgrading to PTools 8.55
  • Congratulations to Clackamas County for upgrading to PTools 8.55
  • Congratulations to Indiana State University for upgrading to PTools 8.55
  • Congratulations to Illinois State University for upgrading to PTools 8.55


HR Focus Group Updates:  Thank you to all the customers who volunteered to participate in the focus group

  • Guided Self Service (GSS) Focus Group – New & Improved Manager Self ServiceThis project is enhancing existing GSS with new features and functionality for the manager and HR Admin.  Development is working on “clone position request  and request “Leave of Absence” transaction. The GSS VFO just released – find out what GSS is all about!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywR_twtWxUw
  • Global HR Focus Group – Discussed requirements for updating banking data within Core HR (vs. Global Payroll) for GP and non-GP customers.
  • Employee Snapshot Focus Group – Small Form Factor improvements to Employee Snapshot will be coming out soon and we are planning on delivering the Compensation Review tab with a tiles for Total Rewards
  • Onboarding/Offboarding Focus Group – Had a touchpoint meeting to review what DEV is ‘working on’ and will be having a short meeting this month to review DEV designs and questions for Template Assignment.
  • Profile Management Focus Group – (NEW) Thank everyone for their interest in this focus group and we look forward to our inaugural meeting this week.
  • Position Management Focus Group (NEW) – Met to review top Position Management enhancement priorities and get update on Guided Self Service “clone position request” enhancement.


***Important Note*** Focus Groups are open to all customers, calls are typically once a month for an hour or as needed.  Your organization needs to have a current CPCA (customer participation confidentiality agreement) since Oracle discloses future design and prototypes.  Email me if you are interested in any of the above focus groups.


Global HCM Updateshttps://blogs.oracle.com/PsftLegUpdates/

  • Australia – The Government has announced changes to PAYG rates and thresholds for 2016 – 17 tax year
  • India – Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has raised the threshold wage limit from Rs 15,000 to Rs 21,000 which will come to effect from 1st October 2016
  • France – The French Government released yet another DSN technical book containing amendments to its previous version 3.6. This new version is numbered 2017.P3.1
  • France -The French Government has announced a legislative change necessitating an increase in the RSA amount for Garnishments (Saisie sur salaries).
  • United Kingdom – HMRC will be decommissioning the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) channel and replacing it with an existing XML service, by April 2018
  • China – Changes to Social Insurance and Public Housing Fund for regions Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin