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Report PeopleSoft RH de Décembre

Le report PeopleSoft RH du mois de décembre est disponible !

Upcoming Conferences: If you love Las Vegas as much as me, then the next 2 conferences are for youJ

  • Alliance (Higher Education/Public Sector) – February 27–March 3; Las Vegas, NV
  • COLLABORATE – April 2-6; Las Vegas, NV


November Conferences: See pics below

  • PeopleSoft Partner Summit (Oracle Headquarters) – On December 6 & 7, the PeopleSoft Strategy Team met with 66 PeopleSoft Partners to discuss new PTools technology and functional enhancements recently delivered/on the roadmap to be delivered.  Partners shared what features were important to their customers (ex. Fluid) and we can better ‘partner’ with the customers and Partners on the education of the continued investment in PeopleSoft (by Oracle).
  • Ataway interviewed me at Oracle Open World, on the new and exciting features being delivered for Core HR (I had a cold, I usually don’t sound like Lindsey LohanL) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2zhxbrvDi8


Customer Corner – I want to highlight the great accomplishments our HR Focus Group Customers have done this monthJ.  If your organization has done something great (upgraded, deployed fluid/new functionality) please let me know so you can get your well deserved recognition.

  • Congratulations to British United Provident Association (BUPA) for upgrading to PTools 8.55 and deploying Fluid
  • Congratulations to Interpublic Group (IPG) for deploying Fluid and Guided Self Service
  • Congratulations to Northwestern University for upgrading to 9.2 and deploying Fluid
  • Congratulations to Baylor Scott & White Health for upgrading to PTools 8.55
  • Congratulations to Brigham Young University for upgrading to PTools 8.55
  • Congratulations to North Dakota University System for upgrading to PTools 8.55
  • Congratulations to University of Colorado for upgrading to PTools 8.55


HR Focus Group Updates:  Thank you to all the customers who volunteered to participate in the focus group

  • Guided Self Service (GSS) Focus Group – New & Improved Manager Self ServiceIn Image 20 (posted 12/2016) we delivered ability to add attachments to transactions and a new Demotion transaction – see page shots attached. Focus Group met to review/prioritize list of remaining GSS features.  Focus Group also provided valuable feedback on the design of the new “position clone” DEV is working on.
  • Global HR Focus Group – The Focus Group met to review our top priorities (what has been delivered and what still needs to be delivered).  Focus Group also recommended PeopleSoft deliver ‘Global Country Name Formatting’ (part of new Name enhancement delivered) as system data for supported and non-supported countries (customers provided list of those countries to me).
  • Onboarding/Offboarding Focus Group Focus group met and provided suggestions (previously not in design) that will enhance the onboarding solution even more.
  • Employee Snapshot Focus Group – Focus Group is scheduled to meet the last week in January (TBD).
  •  Profile Management Focus Group – The Profile Management focus group will meet in February (TBD).
  • Position Management Focus Group – Focus Group met in December and reviewed work being done in Guided Self Service to ‘clone a position’.  We also reviewed some of the top priorities and clarified requirements as we enter the development phase of the project.
  • ePerformance– Focus Group met and went over priorities and idea space submissions.  The focus group helped set the priorities for the HCM Roadmap.
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Info) Focus Group ***NEW*** PII refers to ‘sensitive data’ like National ID/SSN, DOB, Address…Currently, HCM does not deliver functionality to hide/mask these fields and we are considering developing an enhancement based on customer interest and requirements.  If you would to participate please email me (alonso@oracle.com).  First call will be scheduled in February.


***Important Note*** Focus Groups are open to all customers, calls are typically once a month for an hour or as needed.  Your organization needs to have a current CPCA (customer participation confidentiality agreement) since Oracle discloses future design and prototypes.  Email me if you are interested in any of the above focus groups.


USA/Global HCM Updateshttps://blogs.oracle.com/PsftLegUpdates/

  • United States – The new Form I-9 goes into effect 1/22/2017, the updated online Form I-9 was posted on December 30.
  • United Kingdom – Updated rates and thresholds were released impacting certain calculations with respect to National Insurance and PAYE
  • Mexico – The new CFDI Payroll layout (Complemento de Nómina) version 1.2 has been posted by the SAT Government Agency and will be effective on January 1st, 2017
  • France – Government has announced a legislative change necessitating an increase in the Social Security Ceiling from 3218 to 3269
  • Australia – Post the Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill 2016 – Single Touch Payroll received Royal Assent, ATO has been brisk in working on the specifications
  • Spain – Oracle has delivered Tax Update (#7) containing the changes to comply with  the technical requirements for the reporting of Model 190 for 2016 for the State fiscal territory and Guipuzkoa Fiscal Territory
  • Switzerland – Switzerland has announced the legislated changes for 2017


HR Bundles/PUM Update – tentative dates

  • 1 – Bundle #24 scheduled for May 5
  • 2 – Image #21 scheduled for January 20
  • 2 – Image #22 scheduled for April 21


PeopleSoft General Update

New PeopleSoft Talk – In this PeopleSoft Talk, Marc talks with Matthew Haavisto, about Elastic Search in PeopleSoft applications.  https://youtu.be/TstukgClyLc

HCM Image 20 Highlight videohttps://youtu.be/5lgO3Sk3qIk

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