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PeopleSoft HCM Newsletter – Janvier 2022

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Upcoming 2022 Webinars/Conferences:

RV’s Strategy Spotlight – In a concerted effort to evolve the PeopleSoft user experience over the past decade, Oracle PeopleSoft has delivered Fluid versions of Classic pages that have been in the system for years.  Oracle PeopleSoft has a support policy specifically in effect for those Classic pages in the system that have been replaced by Fluid pages.  The policy states that PeopleSoft will not make fixes to Classic pages that are officially de-supported.  If the issue can be replicated in the Fluid version of the page, then of course we will fix it in the Fluid version.  Oracle PeopleSoft continues to support Classic pages for up to 3 years after the Fluid version is made available.  We know 3 years can fly by so don’t worry, Classic pages will remain delivered in the PeopleSoft database – we do not currently have plans to remove Classic pages.  However, it is highly recommended that customers deploy as many Fluid pages as possible – starting with any employee self-service, manager self-service, or approval actions or pages.  For your administrators, it is highly recommended that you deploy job data modernization.  For a complete list of Fluid pages delivered and when to expect the Classic page counterpart to be de-supported, view this link here.

Customer Corner – Highlights customers who have implemented, upgraded or deployed new HCM Features

Focus Group Updates:   Click on the link to find a focus group to join

  • Job Data Modernization – The working group will meet later in February to discuss customer successes and other customer inquiries regarding Fluid Job Data deployment.  Note: desupport of Classic Job Data is December 31, 2022.
  • Human Resource – Focus group did not meet in January, customers did complete a survey of their Personal and Job Data “wish list” analytics they would like delivered (new feature).  We will be sharing the wish list in our next meeting.
  • Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) – Focus group has finished reviewing most of the designs for the Fluid Manager Self Service pages, including the review of the navigation options for simplifying the number of clicks a manager does to complete their most important tasks.
  • Position Management – Focus group discussed the design consideration for Kibana visualizations for position management, and prioritized manager and administrative visualizations we are looking to deliver in the future.
  • Performance Management – The focus group did not meet during January, we are currently in the development of the new fluid/modernized performance review document.  We are also starting design work on a new feature that will allow for accomplishments to be captured within PeopleSoft.  Our next meeting for performance management will be February 24th.
  • Remote Worker – Focus Group met to review proposed Kibana Dashboard for Managers, like ability to track Hybrid, Fully Remote, and Onsite employees.
  • Kibana Visualization Workgroup  The group got an eight-step training on how to build a new index and Kibana visualization. The Workgroup is a small group of customers on PT 8.58 or above who are actively implementing Kibana dashboards. We are accepting customers who are interested in being put on the waitlist for this group.
  • Page and Field Configurator (PFC)  – The focus group had their first meeting to discuss upcoming PFC enhancements, like the enhancement that would allow you to track changes to specific fields on pages using field and role-based criteria defined by your organization.
  • Time and Labor – The focus group met to discuss the requirements for Employee Self Service Scheduling functionality.  We also reviewed what we have planned for Payable Time Kibana Analytics, Time and Labor User Preferences, and customers got a preview of the Manager Self Service Team Calendar that will be coming out soon.
  • Accessibility with PeopleSoft HCM – The focus group reviewed all the major accessibility issues discussed to date as a group and the action plan to address them moving forward.  Our next call is scheduled for March 29 when we will review planned self-service enhancements and our PDF strategy to ensure accessibility compliance.
  • Approvals & Delegations –. We met to go over potential roadmap features in Approvals and Delegations.  A follow-up email was sent to the focus group participants so they could prioritize the enhancement requests.  Note: the Approvals and Delegations focus group has been combined into one focus group.
  • Compensation – Focus Group discussed the requirements for a Lump Sum Merit Increase feature, and what other comp enhancements the group would like to see delivered.

 ***Important Note*** Focus Groups are open to all customers, calls are typically once a month for an hour or as needed.  Your organization needs to have a current CPCA (customer participation confidentiality agreement) since Oracle discloses future designs and prototypes.

USA/Global Legislative Updates –https://blogs.oracle.com/PsftLegUpdates/

  • Spain –  Oracle delivered 2022 Tax Update#1 containing changes to Social Security Bases and ceilings, IPREM, Tax brackets and calculations and New Contrat@ reporting for Remote worker agreements.
  • Malaysia – A new version of  Form C.P.8A (EA)  has been published by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

PeopleSoft Update

  • HCM Image 42 – posting April 8, 2022*
  • HCM Image 43 – posting July 8, 2022*
  • HCM Image 44 – posting October 21, 2022*
  • ELM Image 22 – posting November 14, 2022*
  • CRM Image 21 – posting November 21, 2022*

*Tentative Dates – Oracle Safe Harbor Statement applies.

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PeopleSoft General Update

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