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Lettre d’information PeopleSoft du mois de Septembre

Découvrez la Newsletter PeopleSoft du mois de septembre !

Upcoming 2017 Conferences: PeopleSoft Strategy will be in attending


Customer Corner – I want to highlight the great accomplishments our HR Focus Group Customers have done this monthJ.  If your organization has done something great (upgraded, deployed fluid/new functionality) please let me know so you can get your well deserved recognition.


HR Focus Group Updates:  Thank you to all the customers who volunteered to participate in the focus group

  • Guided Self Service (GSS) Focus Group – We delivered  three new enhancements for GSS in Image 24;  1) Multi-Select 2) Nav Collection 3) ability to make reason required – see Image 24 video below for more details
  • Global HR Focus Group – Oracle has posted the Personal and Sensitive Data Spreadsheet to MOS (My Oracle Support – Document 2313438.1)
  • Onboarding Focus Group – We delivered a new manager feature for Day 1 Onboard in image 24 – see Image 24 video below for more details. The focus group will meet on October 19th to discuss and prioritize.  If you want to be a part of the focus group, contact Jeremy (pelley@oracle.com)
  • Employee Snapshot – On October 17th we will have a combined focus group meeting of both ePerformance and Employee Snapshot.  Many focus group customers use both products and we want to share what our future roadmap is.  If you want to be a part of the focus group, contact Jeremy (pelley@oracle.com)
  • Company Directory Focus Group – We had our first focus group meeting on September 5th where we demo’d current Company Directory and Org Chart functionality.  Also discussed ideas for additional enhancements for Company Directory.  If you are interested in participating please contact Prathibha (sastry@oracle.com)
  • Position Management – We will be meeting on October 18th to discuss new features and conceptual designs that we are in the design phase of.  If you want to be a part of the focus group, contact Jeremy (pelley@oracle.com.
  • S. Federal Focus Group – Partner Focus Group Call met on Sep 28th, we reviewed flow options for Correct Personnel Action USF and Cancel Personnel Action USF transactions modernization. We also reviewed the mockups for Cyber Security Specialty Code changes and plan for Gender Value changes desired by OPM.  Plan to continue design validation for Correct Personnel Action  and Cancel Personnel Action modernization on the October focus group call.  If you are interested, contact Venky (venkatesh.kotikalapudi@oracle.com)
  • S. Federal Focus Group –Customer Focus Group: This was the first focus group call with our Federal customers, we discussed existing  USF functionality and the features PeopleSoft is investing in.  We also demoed the new ‘Guided Personnel Actions for USF’ feature.  On the October call, we plan to discuss new enhancements DEV is working and solicit customer feedback.  If you are interested, contact Venky (venkatesh.kotikalapudi@oracle.com)
  • HR Help Desk Focus Group  ***NEW*** – If you are interested in this focus group, contact Mohit (shukla@oracle.com)
  • Company Directory Focus Group***NEW*** –  First focus group meeting scheduled September 5th.  Plan to show new features on Company directory and discuss enhancement idea If you are interested in participating please contact Prathibha (prathibha.sastry@oracle.com)

***Important Note*** Focus Groups are open to all customers, calls are typically once a month for an hour or as needed.  Your organization needs to have a current CPCA (customer participation confidentiality agreement) since Oracle discloses future design and prototypes.  Email me if you are interested in any of the above focus groups.

USA/Global Legislative Updateshttps://blogs.oracle.com/PsftLegUpdates/

  • Brazil– eSocial Mapping The mapping for the Version 2.3 of the eSocial Layouts is currently available
  • Mexico – Digital Fiscal Receipt by Internet (CFDI) Legal Changes Version 3.3 2017 now available
  • Singapore – IRAS had made changes to the Year-end tax forms issued by employers for the assessment year 2018.


HR Bundles/PUM Update – tentative dates

  • 1 – Bundle #25 –scheduled for October 13, 2017
  • 1 – Bundle #26 –scheduled for February 2, 2018 – Note:  This is the last 9.1 Bundle J!!!
  • 2 – Image #25 – scheduled for January 19, 2018


PeopleSoft General Update:

  • In this PeopleSoft Talk, Marc talks with Ravi Shankar, Senior Director of PeopleTools Development, about Elasticsearch in PeopleSoft applications. https://youtu.be/nrIIQDXOZCc
  • Image Highlights, PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 24 video is now showing, here: https://youtu.be/4qTwDpwRrYE