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Here is the PeopleSoft Monthly HR Update for July 2016

HR Focus Group Updates Global HR Updates HR Bundles/PUM Update – Tentative dates PeopleSoft General Update

HR Focus Group Updates: 
• Guided Self Service (GSS) Focus Group – New & Improved Manager Self Service. This project is enhancing existing GSS with new features and functionality for the manager and HR Admin. Development is complete for on a small Form Factor (phone & tablet) – released in Image 18. Development is working on “Request an Employee Demotion” (new transaction).
• Global Focus Group – Development is complete, now in QA for testing for Name Display by Country (new configuration table).
• Employee Snapshot Focus Group – The first release is targeted for PI19 with a subset of features around Summary and Promotion Readiness business tasks. We will continue to add more content and business tasks in subsequent PUM images.
• Onboarding/Offboarding Focus Group – Finalizing conceptual design document based on focus group requirements/feedback. Next focus group meeting scheduled for week of August 22nd.
Succession Planning Focus Group (NEW) – No update this month

Global HR Updateshttps://blogs.oracle.com/PsftLegUpdates/
• GP Payroll Update China – Changes to Beijing Public Housing Fund
• GP Payroll Update Australia – At the first draft outgo ATO has released an understanding of the core function of STP – The Payroll Event

HR Bundles/PUM Update – tentative dates
• 9.1 – Bundle #23 scheduled for December 2
• 9.2 – PUM #19 scheduled for October 7

PeopleSoft General Update
• New PeopleSoft Talk – In this episode, Marc talks with Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of HCM Strategy, about delivery value with PeopleSoft HCM. https://youtu.be/w4hgcJy4Vak
• Highlights from Image 18 –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kM0_fHqgPf0