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FYI – All PeopleSoft HCM Customers

As we continue to face increasing concerns about the Coronavirus COVID-19, Oracle is closely monitoring the latest reports and has resources positioned to make any and all necessary adjustments to the Oracle PeopleSoft HCM product in order to align with expected modifications to payroll tax calculations and other legislative requirements. Once we receive clear direction, we will modify our product to adhere to new requirements in the most expeditious and accurate manner possible.

Outlined below are a few things we have in place to ensure we can ease the burden of system compliance during this time:

  • Our PeopleSoft HCM COVID-19 Information Center (Document ID 2650817.2) will serve as the primary communication tool to ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding system updates that may be necessary to adhere to new requirements. 
  • We will provide ongoing updates in the PeopleSoft Legislative and Regulatory Blog located on My Oracle Support to announce updates/revisions to the Information Center as necessary.
  • We have assembled a special Oracle Payroll COVID-19 Task Force that is composed of both development and functional resources with the expertise necessary to execute on new requirements in the most expeditious and non-disruptive manner possible.
  • Oracle has representation on the American Payroll Association’s Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council, the Federal Government Relations Advisory Council of Canada, HM Revenue & Customs in the UK, Software Developers Liaison Units of Australia and New Zealand, IRAS and CPF Boards of Singapore, and other worldwide legislative agencies.  This positions us to be among the first to receive direction regarding any necessary payroll or legislative changes.
  • We will continue to closely monitor the situation and evaluate ways we can support you in complying with any directive that may impact the calculation of payroll taxes.  If you hear of local legislation we should be made aware of, please contact us immediately.
  • Any announced legislation will receive the highest priority from our development team. We will review and post Position Statements on all legislation that we believe affects our products.  Patches and PRP’s will be delivered as soon as available, outside of the posted update schedules if necessary.

We have created a COVID-19 Information Center (on “MOS” My Oracle Support) that contains information by country legislation and module. We are actively updating this page as we get new information (more country tabs will be added as we get updates for those countries)

We hope that our commitment to managing adjustments to Oracle PeopleSoft HCM will allow your staff the additional time they need to focus on other employee matters related to Coronavirus COVID-19.  

For more information, see Oracle’s commitment to customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Please check the Legs/Regs blogs for additional updates – https://blogs.oracle.com/psftlegupdates/