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Février 2021 | PeopleSoft HCM Newsletter

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Upcoming 2021 Webinars/Conferences:

 RV’s Strategy Spotlight- It’s that time of year again where our customers and partners start looking ahead in 2021 to determine which Oracle PeopleSoft conferences they plan on attending.  Most everything is still virtual, but we are starting to see some conferences that are scheduled for later in the year planning to be in person.  Either way, we encourage all of you to plan to attend at least one or more PeopleSoft events in 2021.  You can check out this blog for what you need to know about upcoming events as well as new investment areas that we are planning to make available this year.  Note that this year we are using our sessions at Reconnect Envision to unveil many of the innovations under development for Kibana, Chatbots, HCM functionality, and PeopleTools 8.59.

Congratulations to University of Massachusetts for becoming the first PeopleSoft customer to earn a second Feature Innovator badge by deploying HR Notifications.

Focus Group Updates:   If you are interested – Click this link for list of HCM Focus Groups  

  • Job Data Modernization Focus Group ***NEW*** – This is a working group for early adopter customers who are interested in deploying Fluid Job Data in the next 6 months.  To join please contact Julie.Alonso@oracle.com
  • Absence Management Focus group met to review the Kibana Dashboard that is being developed based on Absence events.  The group will meet again to look at the Kibana dashboard with processed absences analytics.
  • HR Help Desk – The next focus group meeting is scheduled on March 10 and will be showcasing the new HR Helpdesk Kibana Analytics
  • U.S. Federal – Focus Group got an overview of the new Ideas Lab on MOS (My Oracle Support) and how customers can enter and vote on new ideas (enhancements). 
  • Performance Management – The focus group will review and provided feedback on the latest designs for the Modernization of ePerformance. 
  • ELM – LTI 1.1 integration gives you seamless connectivity to zoom for virtual classroom as well as other vendors and capabilities.  The ELM team is packaging the LTI 1.1 integration for customers to apply as a PRP that can be requested from support.  We are evaluating LTI 1.3 which some vendors have or are in the process of moving to.   
  • Profile Management – Development team is working on enhancements like related items (sub-competencies) and how those can be integrated into the new Profile Search/Match/Compare.   

 ***Important Note*** Focus Groups are open to all customers, calls are typically once a month for an hour or as needed.  Your organization needs to have a current CPCA (customer participation confidentiality agreement) since Oracle discloses future design and prototypes. 

 USA/Global Legislative Updates –https://blogs.oracle.com/PsftLegUpdates/

  • United States – Update on EEO-1, EEO-3, EEO-4 and EEO-5 reporting dates for 2021 – Click on EEOC blog for more details
  • Brazil – The mapping of events for Simplified eSocial layout version S-1.0 is currently available
  • New Zealand – Inland Revenue has released the Payroll Calculation specification document version 1.1 for the year 2021
  • Malaysia – The Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia on 14th January 2021 released the CP21, CP22, and CP22A
  • Singapore – CPF Board of Singapore had made an announcement about CPF FTP file submission

  PeopleSoft Update

  • HCM Image 38 – posting April 26, 2021 – tentative date
  • ELM Image 22 – posting August 27, 2021 – tentative date
  • CRM Image 20 – posting September 3, 2021  – tentative date
  • PeopleTools 8.59 – posting July 19, 2021* (April 9, 2021* for customers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

*Tentative Dates – Oracle Safe Harbor Statement applies

PeopleSoft General Update

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